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    個人示位標(PLB) VPL8

    來源:信息發布     作者:信息發布人員     發布時間:2020年04月26日     瀏覽次數:         

    Personal EPIRB      VPL8

    產品概述/ Product overview


    Personal EPIRB is the best equipment for global distress searching and rescuing. It transmits  406MHz distress signal and 121.5MHz homing signal. It is easy to carry, ease of operation, fast and accurate of alarm.It is suitable for outdoor using and field operations.

    功能及用途/ Function:


    It can be activated manually in emergency situation. VPL8 will transmit distress signal to global satellite system for searching and rescuing.

    產品特點/ Feature:


     Small in size, light in weight, floating on water;


    Built-in GPS for fast and accurate positioning;


    Outdoor LCD screen for displaying coordinates and other information;


    Super bright LED flashlight; Comprehensive fault diagnosis function

    應用領域/ Application


    Personal search and rescue safety system


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